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what do contemporary composers think about Frankenstein?

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From missing class this Monday, for this post I've been thinking about Mary Shelley's novel from the perspective of contemporary composers. This group of people has created a new genre of music, mostly through their use of technology in their compositions. In regard to Frankenstein's monster, I would think that these composers would support his creation and the science/technology that went into it. Frankenstein had created what seems like a new species of human, or at least a new creature. He used modern science and technology (though he keeps the details hidden) to expand how people think of a predefined category. Contemporary composers have made us rethink our definition of what music really is with their new uses of technology in music. Because of the death and destruction the monster caused, we think of Frankenstein's education and use of science as a failure. This relates to critiques of contemporary music, as there are several people who believe that incorporating technology into music is ruining its beauty. I think that these composers would embrace Frankenstein's work and the science that went into it, as contemporary composers seem to support breaking rules and testing boundaries.



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