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your talk

You had asked us to post the things we wrote down during your talk. The three things that came to mind when you said "computer" for me were "tool," "entertainment," and "games." I am very interested in games as a teaching tool.

You also asked us to post the things we could do with computers that we couldn't do without them. I wrote down:
* demonstrate small things via video
* take data quickly
* solve problems through iterative calculations quickly.

You also asked us to add any additional thoughts. You made me think a lot about the "virtual world" that you say we live in all the time. I understand the idea intellectually, but I don't like it. I don't reject it, but it is not comfortable for me.

I also have been thinking about how our eyes and brain work, since I teach physics and I did a unit with my physics 2 class with light and we had tough questions like "how do we perceive colors like pink which are not in the spectrum?" and why we perceive a color as yellow when it is illuminated only with red light. So I appreciated the color illusions that you showed. I had not seen the yellow square/brown square one before.


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