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What is Thinking?

I, like Max, and am also intrigued by the evolution of the nervous system.  On a cellular and microorganismal level, as Max alludes to with viruses and microbes, it is indeed true that there is an order and pattern by which these organisms behave.  One might argue that viruses and microbes 'think.'  

I think neuroscientists (e.g. Dr. Grobstein) might take issue with such a statement though, because it seems that an understanding of the brain presumes that differentiating between life that 'thinks' and life that does not is the difference between cognitive (i.e. processing of data) abilities.

As one who spent this summer studying microbes and their absurd ways of making a living, I do agree that their activity with their neighbors as well as with their environment does neccessitate a better definition of what defines life and, more specifically, thought.


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