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How to Use the Worksheet -- Response

> Dear Angie,
> The key here is to remember that the students work in pairs. One is the
> mom and one is the dad. The mom and dad will each determine their
> genotype for each gene by examining the alleles on the two sides of the
> green popsicle stick and each of the other popsicle sticks. This is the
> information that will go under mom and dad genotypes. Once these
> columns are filled out for the green popsicle stick, the mom and dad
> will each "randomly drop his or her stick on the table". The allele
> that is up on the mom's dropped popsicle stick will be the allele in the
> egg, and the allele that is up on the dad's dropped popsicle stick will
> be the allele in the sperm. The combination of the alleles in the egg
> and sperm give the genetic makeup of the baby, which determines the
> phenotypic trait in the baby.
> I hope this helps,
> Ingrid


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