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Hi, my name is Elizabeth Olecki and I am a freshman here at Bryn Mawr College.  I plan on majoring in Biology and Economics.  I am from Ohio and I attended a St. Peter’s High School.  My experiences in a Catholic high school are one aspect that I have to bring to our conversations.  In the first class we already began discussing the idea of science versus something.  Many people view sciences main competition religion, specifically when it comes to the idea of evolution.  In high school we spent a large amount of time in theology class discussing how science and religion could coexist, and how it is not hard for someone to believe in God and evolution.  The questions I came into the class with were:


Is it useful/appropriate to apply the idea of evolution to other ideas?


How wide is the influence of the idea of evolution on society?


What would the world be like without this theory-does it make that much of a difference?


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