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I wasn't a huge fan of the

I wasn't a huge fan of the Book of Salt. However, I really enjoy reading Persepolis! I like the idea that she uses a graphic novel to tell her story. She talks about serious topics like war, religion, and Iraq's history, but by telling it through a comic like way, she makes these topics easier to read. There's something about comics that makes the story humorous and almost relatable. If this were a novel, the material would be serious and would have a different effect on the reader. Also, by showing pictures, the author shows the reader what she wants to convey. I could see the Marji's and the other character's feelings through the pictures. The reader gets the exact meaning. I remember someone in class mentioning that she does not know much about Marji's culture, and she would've had a different understanding of the story if this were a novel instead of a graphic novel. 

 I can see the theme of feminism in this novel because Marji wants to be a liberated and educated woman in a society that changed to a more conservative lifestyle. She lived through the transition of her culture from being liberal to conservative, and she wants to be able to go back to the liberal lifestyle.  


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