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Citation question

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How do we cite our peers on serendip?



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I found an example of how to

I found an example of how to do this on an MLA website.

Smith, Mary. “Jane Austen and Psychoanalytic Theory.” Introduction to Literary Criticism. The College of
                      Saint Rose. Albany. 5 March 2009. Lecture.

If the comment is from a fellow classmate, substitute the professor’s name with the classmate’s name, give the subject of the discussion or title of the presentation instead of the title of the lecture, and use the word Discussion or Presentation at the end of the citation. If you wish to cite a general class discussion, begin the entry with the title or subject of the discussion.

So, if you were citing me, you'd put:

Yaeger, Shannon. "Offending Women and Assumptions."  Women In Walled Communities: Vision. Bryn Mawr                                              

                 College. Bryn Mawr. 9 Sepember 2012. Discussion.

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Informal citations/active links

These are the rules you should follow for formal citations (in your web papers, or in regular papers). For your weekly postings, I'd suggest that it would be more useful if you all got in the habit of making active linsk to the postings you are referencing; for example,

"Last week, Sarah asked how to cite her peers on Serendip, and S.Yeager provided a handy summary of the relevant MLA guidelines."

To do this, find and copy the url for the posting you are citing; open the body of your own posting; type what you want to say. Then highlight the section you want to make into an active link; click on the icon, above, that that looks like a chain link, and insert the url in the box that appears. Save and test to make sure that your link really is active.