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Module 1 Assignment

- Does the exhibit demonstrate the Scientific Method? Pay close attention to the final conclusions. "From Stability to Change." Based upon data, is the author's statement a logical one: "As we'll see, it is this movement which life captures and makes use of to move itself it the opposite direction, from less probable to more probable, from disorder to all the organized complexity we think of as life."?

I believe the exhibit demonstrates part of the Scientific Method. After reading the article, I remember during my readings in chapter 2, discussing the arrangements of electrons and atoms. Electrons are hard to see with the naked eye but if stoped in place, each electron has a specific location and can be seen. The chapter uses the example of a ceiling fan, although it's hard to see the blades while the fan is in motion, if stopped the blades become easily visable and stop in their location. The author explains how molecules and atoms move about freely, however the movement is not easily seen with the human eye but if slowed or at a standstill the matter is easily visable.

I have gained more knowledge of molecules and atoms movement after completing the assignment.

Alicia Boyd-122433


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