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PW-BMC Groups

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These groups will remain the same for the duration of the semester. I have them labeled as group A, B, C etc. If you want to change your group name submit suggestions with the Subject/title being your initial group name and then the body being your new suggestion. Example: Subject- Group A, Body- 76ers. Whenever you see a post with the subject as your group name, you must respond to that post. This will remain the same during the semester. I will be checking in on each groups' replies to make sure that everyone is particiapting.

Group A: Alice Fischer BMC, Kelsey Harris BMC, Brady Jones PW, Michael Montgomery PW

Group B: Ambrosia Johnson BMC, Rachel Kutten BMC, Stephon Sessoms PW, Asia White PW

Group C: Brenna Healy BMC, Sonia Giebel HC, William McAden PW, Britney Palmer PW

Group D: Christine Calderon BMC, Grace Loudon BMC, Sharock Griffin PW, Travon Williams PW

Group E: Emma Rosenblum BMC, William Garrett HC, Jasmine Brown PW, Zaneera Wilson PW

Group F: Eva Sarma BMC, Jess Garner BMC, Kelly Klot PW, Angel Pavrette PW

Group G: Ellen Vari BMC, Roldine Richard BMC, Charnice McClain PW, Dairian Smith PW

Group H: Raminta Holden BMC, Farrah Khan BMC, Tracey Hinnant PW, Sereanna Hughes PW, Quadriah Lindsey PW

Group I: Lindsey Darvin BMC, Hannah Davis HC,  Emani Outterbridge PW, Charnelle Suber PW

Group J: Sarah Lovegren BMC, Yecica Urena BMC, Kyndall Phillips PW, Laniesha Love PW


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group 1

What were your thoughts about the movie?