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Pro and Con Groups DON'T POST TO THIS

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Thursday Debate for 2rd Period Class


BMC: Sonia, Ellen, Christine, Rachel, Ambrosia

Parkway: Kapri, Fredrique, Tiana, Rita, Donae, Briana


BMC: Raminta, Will, Emma, Alice, Eva,

Parkway: Moesha, Markeyce, Jerron, Angel, Zamir, Dairian, Kendall

Friday Debate for 3rd Period Class


BMC: Hannah, Grace, Brenna, Jess, Farrah

Parkway: Emani, Laniesha, Baseemah, Michael, Shadirah, Saleema, Asia, Kelly, Charnelle, William, Travon


BMC: Yecica, Lindsey, Sarah, Kelsey, Roldine

Parkway: Jasmine, Zaneerah, Quadirah, Stephon, Sereanna, Tracey, Brandy, Sharock, Randall, Brittney