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Artist Profile: Sofia Maldonado

The Brain Constructing the World
A collaboration between Serendip and Painted Bride Art Center,
associated with the Synesthesia exhibit, April 3rd - May 16th 2009


Sofia Maldonado

Artist profile

Sofia Maldonado was born in Puerto Rico (1984). As an Artist, she admires her country's rural landscapes, along with the chaos of the city and the abandoned structures within them. During her undergraduate studies she painted numerous murals, with or without permission, in abandoned buildings, barrios and indoor spaces as a way to bring beauty to each site. By creating her own visual language with bright colors and flowing brush strokes that simulate nature, she recieved recognition as a mural painter in her country. Sofia's artwork is a blend of fashion trends, the Latina female aesthetic and various street culture elements, such as skateboarding, graffiti, public art, reggaeton and punk music.


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