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Bio 1100 Assgn 1

Does the exhibit demonstrate the Scientific Method?

While reading this assignment and doing the experiment on my own, I feel that the author did use the Scientific Method. From the beginning he made you think and dive into his question of 'was stability the norm'. Through the experiment he was able to show us that it was in fact the movement that was the norm and that all living things are constantly in some type of motion or they would not be 'living'. I was very intrigued to see that heat actually did to the cells also. I played around with the controls and noticed that the cells speed up at the higher levels of heat. I wonder if that is why we sometimes feel faint when we get hot, because or cells are moving so rapidly. Well, the answer is yes, I believe that he effectively used the scientific method even though it was was not directly laid out the way that it was step by step in the text.

Pay close attention to the final conclusions. "From Stability to Change." Based upon data, is the author's statement a logical one: "As we'll see, it is this movement which life captures and makes use of to move itself in the opposite direction, from less probable to more probable, from disorder to all the organized complexity we think of as life."

I think that the author's statement was logical because it draws on the fact that 'all things must work together in order to form something that is functional'. That statement is mine but to me helps me to make logical sense of what the author is saying. It cells are not working together by bonding and being in constant movement, things like out skin, or water, or trees, really would not exist as we know them but would take another form that may not being in exact order to be useful.


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