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scientists (or other professionals) as teachers

There is an interesting issue here, worth thinking more about. Yes, of course, in general the more experience one has with a subject, the greater one's story resources to engage in productive give and take with students. On the other hand, "more experience participating in the scientific community" has its downsides as well. The "scientific community," like all disciplinary communities, has as a primary objective acculturation into a working group with shared understandings of what significant understandings exist, what questions are attackable, and how they should be attacked. Its not clear to me that becoming well acculturated is necessarily a good background for productive give and take with people who are not similarly acculturated. It may even more it more difficult to engage in.

For more along these lines, see Interdisciplinarity, Transdisciplinarity, and Beyond and The Objectivity/Subjectivity Spectrum: Having One's Cake and Eating it Too.


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