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Fun for young kids

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In class as I was looking through the web site, I came across games and puzzles. As I search the web today I found alot of educational games for young children. Please click here to see what I found.Please click here to see a netlogo project I worked on. When given the correct command, the fireworks will explode.l

There is another website that provides educational movies for k-3 students. Each animated movies has quizzes, games,vocabularyand activities for kids.Brainpop is also a great resource for teachers and parents. If you go to the website www. and click on the free trial you can see educational movies, quizzes, lessons and more for k-3 kids.

I enjoyed the movies about short vowels and rhyming words that helps students understand the sounds and putting the same ending letters together to make the same ending sound. It is an interactive program with alot of student participation.

A free on-line service to help children learn to read. WWW.starfall. com/n/level-k/index/play.htm?f reading games and activities for first grade. click on ABC