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Genes x Environment

I totally agree that it would be difficult to target people before they commit crimes. From everything I've ever read, genes interacts with environment to create behavior. There was a study done in I think Denmark where they found that children of incarcerated parents who were adopted by nonincarcerated parents were no more likely (or very minimally more likely) to have behavior problems than children whose biological parents were not incarcerated. However, children who had both incarcerated biological and adoptive parents were much more likely to have behavior problems than any other group. Moreover, if I recall the study correctly, the children of non incarcerated parents who were adopted by incarcerated paretns (so, only an environmental and no genetic disposition) were more likely to get in trouble than those children who only had a genetic influence (although still much less likely than those children with both). So, should we only target those children with genetic and environmental risk factors? This doesn't really seem fair to me...


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