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Is it okay to test on

Is it okay to test on animals if we create them?

I think this is an incredibly important point which warrents discussion. Without research demand, these animals would never have to have been bred to die. 

I do not believe in harming anything whether that is a fly (which I used to catch using a class and transport outside) or a dog (I have an Italian Greyhound pup and would never, ever, ever subject her to animal testing).

Would you get your dog spayed/neutered? Would you get her surgery if her leg broke, or drop a NG tube into if she came down with pancreatitis? In my eights years of veterinary medical experience, there were times when I felt like I was actively torturing animals because the owner wanted me to. There is no way for a pet to consent to major medical procedures, so if I can perform a life-saving operation on a pet, why can't I practice similar procedures, test medicines or investigate mechanisms of behavior in lab animals? What gives us the right to exercise control over pet animals as opposed to lab animals?


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