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What's New on Serendip - April '07

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  • Serendip's Exchange now has a new design created by Suzanne Gaadt, the creative director of Bryn Mawr's alumnae magazine, which will eventually transform the rest of Serendip too. The interlocking links, Serendip's new logo at the top left, is an ambiguous figure.
  • Re-Making the Landscape: The Art and Science of Ava Blitz , one of Serendip's first guest exhibiting artists, Ava Blitz, returns to Serendip with "Cooking Up a Storm" and "Beauty and the Beast."
  • Brain and Education: Thinking About New Directions, issues, perspectives and resources.
  • Theater: The Life of Galileo, a discussion forum about the Wilma Theater production.
  • Different Behaviors, Different Brains?, an exhibit about individual variation of brains, including different species and genders.