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Dynamic Presentation

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Learning isn't only about receiving material, but also about being able represent that material in new and interesting ways. Sites like Prezi and Spicynodes offer presentation methods that are web-friendly, open to collaboration, and "read" in more interactive ways than traditional presentation methods.

Resources covered:

Prezi's presentation method is based on the idea of "zooming," which allows user to brainstorm in a more natural, fluid fashion and then easily convert their thoughts into a presentation. Prezi suggests a variety of classroom uses, including more engaging teacher lectures and class collaboration.

Spicynodes also provides a more visually dynamic way of presenting information. In particular, Spicynodes is a great tool for concept mapping in the sciences, and for students to create their own maps of ideas for more effective studying. While the Spicynodes interface can be overwhelming at times, its capability to keep multiple "nodes" on screen simultaneously is useful for mapping complex ideas. Spicynodes also suggests classroom applications, including some sample lesson plans for teaching using Spicynodes.

Both Prezi and Spicynodes can be shared online and worked on collaboratively. Prezi has Cloud functionality, allowing users to work on presentations from multiple devices, on and off the web.