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computers and predictability

Today in class, one of the topics that we discussed was the possibility of
computers being predictable in comparison to humans being predictable.
While humans do have an innate ability to act predictably in some areas
such as a constant heart rate, and constant respiration there is a greater
scheme of unpredictability to the human nature. Computers are generally
predictable when they are given an input by their users, they tend to
generate a predictable response. However new computer research is trying
to make an autonomic computing system. Autonomic computing is a computer
systems capable of self-management. It is modeled after the autonomic
nervous system of the human body, which controls unconscious body actions
such as respiration and blood pressure. If a computer system is able to
take on these characteristics and manage its own system, is that a step
forward to computers being able to generate an unpredictable outcome?


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