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I thought the discussion

I thought the discussion about different sensory receptors last week was interesting. Other animals act and perceive differently solely because they have a certain protein that humans lack. Bees are able to see various patterns on flowers and a rattle snake can see in the dark because they possess something extra that humans do not have. This almost led me to actually believe in ESP. I have never been a fan of the supernatural world because it just seems too out there and unrealistic. However, what if there really are people who do possess a protein that allows them to sense things other people cannot? I am still a little skeptic about the whole idea, but after the discussion, it seems that it may be possible.

This discussion also brought me back to thinking about different ways cables can connect. Not only do animals act differently due to having certain proteins, the way in which their cables connect also allow for different behavior. I thought about how some snakes are able to smell with their tongue, which made me think of the idea discussed earlier of "hearing lightning and seeing thunder". Although this idea is not proven to be true, it does not seem unlikely. Because a snake can smell with their tongue, why can't we be able to hear with our eyes? 


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