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Notes Towards Day 16 (Thurs, Oct. 27): Rooms of Different Shapes and Sizes?


5 p.m. Friday night
: for writing assignment # 8, find a space on campus that is meaningful to you.
Take one or several photos while you are there, and use them to develop a claim about how space
relates to/informs/structures/illuminates class and education. Think about the image as a quote,
to be explained w/ the help of some of our readings.

When we looked @ Jen's images, we did several different kinds of looking. Let's name
some of them...When were we looking @ an "intellectual conversation"? What data did/
could we use to support that claim?

We will be workshopping these papers (which you will revise next week) in 3-person
writing groups on Tuesday; so: when you send your paper to me, please also send copies
to BOTH of your NEW writing partners. (share list --this is accessible from the course
homepage in case you forget!--and also list of e-mail addresses)

Come to class having read both the papers that will be sent to you, with some notes (to
yourself; don't write on their papers)
about what you see as their key ideas and questions.

Remember: these conversations will NOT be about grammar or style, but about how to
revise the papers, focusing on core ideas, and about making these papers more "readerly."

8 p.m. Sunday night: in our on-line forum, make two postings:
1) post your image along with a brief description of why you chose it and what you see in it.

the EASY WAY to post an image is to
open a posting window--> scroll to "featured image,"
browse (your desktop to grab the one you want), then upload.

the process is simple, but involves more steps,
which are detailed @ a help page called
(appropriately) "how to add an image to your post"

2) post a response to a Parkway student


and of course you can use the forum to discuss any # of related issues
(see the thread Freckles39 started re: censoring a discussion of "whether dead than coed")

For Tues, read
Walker Percy. “The Loss of the Creature.” The Message in the Bottle: How Queer Man Is,
How Queer Language Is and What One has to Do with the Other. New York: Farrar, Straus
and Giroux, 1975. 46-63 (in our password-protected file: /~adalke/esemf11/ ).

II. Jen's visit, the film, today's readings--complexifying/problematizing
the binary we developed
last week between our experiences of
access and those of the high school students

mightn't ;) their stories be as complicated as ours are?

mightn't these stories about shared space be
new examples of "the packing problem"??

let's see!
pull out a quote from this material,
looking for examples of this sort of complexity
write it out big on a piece of paper
tape it up
read it out

take 10-15 minutes to work w/ these--
write up a response to the quotes and/or each other
(no more quotes--now it's your voices!)

jot into your own notebook something that strikes you;
share that in pairs...
then bring back to full group


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