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Final Presentations!

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This week we will be hosting your final presentations about what-and-how you have been learning in this course. If you are performing alone, please plan to take 5-10 minutes. If you are performing in a group, aim for 10-15.

Monday we'll have performances from
Marina & merlin
Apo & tangerines

Wednesday we'll hear from
MissArcher2, rubikscube, cara, MSA322
Oak, m.aghazarian, J.Yoo, kgould
Franklin20, shin1068111, vgaffney, spreston, Hilary_B
J.Yoo, Riki, aybala50, kelliott, ekthorp, Hilary G

I don't have commitments from smile or TiffanyE--
let me know, please, either as a comment here or via e-mail?

Thanks--and looking forward to this!




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