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I am Mahvish, and I am a Sophmore at Bryn Mawr College. I am planning on majoring in Biology and hope to fulfill a NBS concentration as well. I am looking forward to this class and learning more about the function of the brain and the role it plays in behavior.

The brain is a powerful tool without our knowledge it controls our heart rate, breathing, and regulates our body temperature through homeostiasis. The brain can also actively control our movements and speech.What is especially interesting about the brain is how it unconciously creates images that are not necessarily helpful to the body. One aspect of neurobiology that is of great interest to me is mirages. I think it is intersting how the brain can create images and hallucinations of what is desired and what one wants to see. It is similar in concept to how the brain fills in blindspots, however with blindspots the general image is present, and with mirages it is a complete made-up image. Another interesting topic in neurobiology and behavior is OCD. I find it intriguing how the brain manipulates a persons behavior to the extent that it results in what outwardly appears to be a disorder.

I am excited to take this class and learn more about neurobiology and the mysteries of the brain.




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