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Final Presentation

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Hi guys,

here are my images from today's activity. Thank you so much for playing this game with me. I really really enjoyed having this day to just relax with all of you and play some fun games, listen to a soothing serenade, eat some yummy lemon bars, and appreciate everyone's writing. I loved listening to everyone's guess at location. I was a little worried before class that my activity wouldn't go over well; that y'all would think it was too simple or dull. But it seemed like eveeryone enjoyed the guessing game, especially when they thought the picture might have been taken close to their site-sit spot. I'm not quite sure where I came up with the idea- I was originally planning on blindfolding everyone and having them smell different plants I had taken from around campus and guessing what they were. From that idea the concept evolved to explore how much we miss visually, even though we consider it one of our more prominent and neccessary senses. I think my project interacted very well with Sarah and Sara's because it challanges our comfort with our perception.. We think we know an area  well, but we are constantly missing so much of our surroudings. I also think my project was align with Grahm, Sruthi, and Hira's work, because it questioned our ability to visually associate and represent. Overall, I think everyone's projects fit together very well. Thank you, everyone for giving me an very open and honest semester, summed up in such a wonderful class.

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