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The Library of Babel

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As I read Dennett's metaphor of the Library of Babel, I thought he was crazy, he did not know what he was saying.  It does not make any sense to me that everything already exists, that everything is already there, waiting patiently for someone to finally come and pick it up.  This not only goes against evolution, but is takes away credit from human beings.  It goes against evolution because in this library everything is already there; therefore, there is no room for randomness, which is part of the evolutionary process.  Everything has already been created; therefore, there are no modifications, but an entirely new book.  This is creationism instead of evolution.  By being creationism it takes away from human's ability to create.  All we do is check out a book; we don't create for it is already there.  I'd like to think we have the ability to be more dexterous than simply being able to flip a coin to choose which way to go and checking out a book. 


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