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Hello everyone!  My name

Hello everyone!  My name is Kendra, I'm a senior bio major at Haverford with a psych minor/NBS concentration.  I'm really excited at the diverse backgrounds we already have across ages, grades and majors.  It will be great to be in a class where not everyone is a bio major and I'm excited to see the different opinions and insights everyone will bring.

I personally find this field fascinating (thus the concentration), especially the conflicting theories explaining both simple and complex behavior.  I think one of the things I am most excited to discuss is what people believe is the basis of behavior, and to see whether the views of people in the class, as well as myself, change as we educate ourselves regarding these issues.  I am also very interested in the neurology or other possible basis behind more abstract concepts such as creative thought and emotion. 

See you all soon!


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