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The Campus Guide to Copyright Compliance

The Campus Guide to Copyright Compliance is an online guide provided by the Copyright Clearance Center designed to help academic institutions answer copyright questions. As the Guide points out - and as most of us who have ever tried to navigate the world of digital media have learned first hand - staying on the right side of copyright law is harder for academic institutions now than ever before. It's easier to share information than ever before, but as a result there's a whole new array of copyright issues that need to be handled. The Campus Guide does not deal exclusively with digital issues. However, there is a section dedicated entirely to using digital content, and a useful subsection under Copyright Basics on the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, the law passed in 1998 to begin addressing the burgeoning issues relating to digital content and copyright. The Quick Links section also provides an easy-to-use (but small) reference library for students, administrators, faculty, and academic librarians.


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