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The High School Visit

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The question I asked myself was not what about what I want to learn, but how much I can learn. Like Shannon said, I would love to know "everything". I want to know what its like going to a public school that you have to be accepted into, going to school in the city, and what their life is like at home. Since we are visiting sophomores and juniors, I want to hear some feedback on standardized testing because sophomore year and junior year are considered the "important years". I would also love to hear about their ideas for the future, what they hope to do, where they hope to go etc.

Since this is a mutual learning experience, I hope I can give them some feedback on what high school was like for me, how I felt about testing, what I was thinking at the time about my  future plans and so on. I also hope to share my background and where I come from. I also hope to give them a sense of going to a non-selective public high school in the suburbs. Hopefully we can discuss some of the topics we discuss in class get new ideas thrown into the mix.

Let's just say, I can't wait to go to the high school.