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Bryn Mawr Culture

Going off of discussion today, I feel like the history and original intent for the education received at Bryn Mawr still has a huge impact on current students. Bryn Mawr is meant to be a place where women can receive a world class education with which they can make a palpable difference in the world. However I definitely see the masculine influences in the departmental priorities and in the administration's presence. Women are conditioned to be independent and to seek out the opportunities available to them, and also to be prepared to constantly be personal advocates for their education. I feel like the departmental weaknesses in the arts is an issue that needs to be addressed, and the school's endowment is not a justifiable reason for having a lacking department in that area while the maths, sciences, history and other more masculine and "academic" departments are incredibly strong. I agree with what Antonia said today, the school appears to be resting on its laurels a bit instead of progressing forward. While other women's schools are having a renaissance of interest and accomplishment within their walls, Bryn Mawr seems to be a bit cold and the sense of community goals and subsequent progress is just not there. Bryn Mawr's story, like any story, has the potential to take a turn for the better and I am hopeful that in the four years I'm here it will. 


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