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Education and Work: Can they coexist?

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My thanksgiving had its high and low points. High point: Seeing my family and calling my grandmama. Low point: the parental nagging. One point of contention was with my father, who thinks that being a student, all I should do is do my class work. He wonderfully suggested that I quit my job just for finals and studied the rest of the semester. I tried to convince him that I really didn't work that much and that I could handle it but he insisted that work does not mesh with student life. I deduced that with his savings, he could take off and focus on his research versus myself who needs to work in order to fund my life. Is the role of a student solely in the classroom or is it outside as well? Or is it a "stage of life" kind of thing?


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What I am about to say kind

What I am about to say kind of contradicts everything else I have said about working giving you skills you can't get in a classroom, but, if your father is willing to finance your life without you working, do it.  

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As a student, we really need both.

Parents do talk in that way. But the fact is we do need something else other than just study. One day, we will eventually get into the society, and there are lots of skills we can't gain through studying, such as communication skill, leadership skill, etc. Sometimes it doesn't work well if you just try to convince your parents, maybe you should prove yourself by doing it. Try to show them that you can handle your academic and working at the same time. You earned money while you gained a high GPA. In that way, maybe they will trust you more:)