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I must say I was quite pleased that my vague, unofficial hypothesis for my project-- that music is powerful and relevant to studies of tacit knowledge-- was totally confirmed by the reading this week! Greg's reactions to music are strikingly different from his reactions to pretty much everything else. Although I was horrified and sobered by the account in the Last Hippie, Greg's reactions to music gave me some hope that he isn't as blank as he appears.

Also, the rhythmic motions described in the Tourettic doctor's performance of surgery reminded me strongly of music. Conclusion? Music conquers all!

We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming for an angsty moment: this study of different aspects of tacit knowledge-- cognitive studies, linguistics, music, senses and beauty, neuroscience, psychology, philosophy-- are not helping me zoom in on a potential major, but rather reminding me that I can't focus on everything I find fascinating because a) that wouldn't be focusing, and b) there isn't enough time in the world, let alone four years, because I'm easily fascinated. The bright side? I don't have to worry about completing division requirements.


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