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A MOSAIC IS...reaffirmation.

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I developed this definition by looking at all of my classmates' work, in particular the people who made new words out of Williams' letters or new sentences out of Williams' words. It seemed as if every person's mosaic (and the message they put into it) was a reflection of themselves. The sentences they wrote appeared to be reaffirmations of things they have always thought, but hadn't spelled out until Williams provided them with the right words. Grace wrote, "Time Unerving," Muni pieced together, "Find your freedom," and pialikesowls formed, "Create order out of randomness." Although I cannot attest to whether these people find these phrases to be true, I do not think they would create them unless they thought they were beautiful or interesting. In this way, the mosaic is a reaffirmation: either of what a person believes or what she values.