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Really loved this Zine! When

Really loved this Zine! When you brought up cultural rules for our all of our senses and not just hearing (which is often touched upon when we talk abuot voice and silence), it made me realize and want to explore how we use other senses (and the action they result it in) to oppress, and uplift (?), people. I am just so overwhelmed with thoughts! Like for instance, touch is a HUGE, sensitive topic in cultures. While it can be used to oppress by invading one's space, it can also mean a sign of affection! Oh! And also, I wish as a class we talked more about how these senses intersect when negotiating/interacting with people becaue they are nto used independently. In the example I used above, for touch to have power (in oppressing or affirming/uplifting someone), speech (another sense) or lack of speech is needed...same thing with sight and hearing. I hope I am making sense...but again, really loved this project!


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