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When I watched "Metropolis," I didn't see an overwhelming amount of connection between the film and "Persepolis," but there were a few noteworthy similarities that I picked up on.  The most significant similarity, I thought, was that both tell the story of revolutions against corrupt leaders put together by the people.  The revolutions were not at all the same, but they had a lot of the same elements (people coming together, copious amounts of violence, etc.).  I also noticed the similarity in the stylization of the images, as Anne mentioned in class on Tuesday.

"Metropolis," like "Persepolis," was hellish and extremely disturbing, and it seemed to be a story of utopia turning into dystopia.  I did find it to be, despite the disturbing qualities of it, a very interesting and engaging film, and the music was key throughout the entire thing (like in the film version of "Persepolis").  Without music, "Metropolis" would absolutely not have the same effect that it does.  One example of this is during the seen called "The Moloch."  The images are horrifying, and the music is extremely ominous as well, giving the film its full effect.


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