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Games and Choice

I teach Education 255, "Education, Technology, and Society," an education elective course at Bryn Mawr College.  I am very happy to be working with CCP on this project!  In class today, my students and I started discussing McGonigal's book/videos.  One idea that came forward is that learning is a choice.  Even though students are legally required to attend school until age 16, they can't be required to learn; some of that is their choice.  I have always been very interested in how schools and colleges can be set up to give students and teachers more choices, and I hope to learn something about this from exploring why people are so drawn to computer games.  I personally don't enjoy many games on or off line! I've always preferred to just talk with people.  I'm also not involved with playing or watching sports.  But I recognize and respect that many people are into games/gaming, and I want to learn from them.  From you!


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