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Good question. No, I have

Good question. No, I have never witnessed such a re-enactment of a video game. Kids do, however, learn how to act in society based on the models given to them by adults. So your comment if really interesting. If our kids play video games that are incredibly violent, will they in turn think that this violence is ok? Conversly, thinking about this in terms of education and classrooms, what do you think might happen if we had kids playing games that worked on problem solving, critical thinking, and non-violent conflict resolution? Might they start to re-enact these games? And then really change the world for the better? I know it seems absurd for many on this blog to think that video games could change the world. I am starting to realize, however, that many of the goals of video games (such as posing difficult challenges that are voluntarly embraced in an engaged manner) would be wonderful goals for the participants in our society.

my question to anyone is: What is one of the most important life lessons you learned as a child? Did you learn this from an engaging game-like scenario (virtual or reality), sitting in a desk, or in a different scenario? Can you imagine this same important lesson being understood through the constructs of a creative game?


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