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I dont think that playing games can help change the world. Because playing games especially video games are addicting to all man kind. It pushes you away from society ,communicating,exercises ,etc. There's always a time and limit for everything in life. Im not saying it's wrong or bad to play games but not too much of it. It's also unhealthy .Too much concentration to the computer screen or t.v screen can cause headaches , pain in the eye, dizziness ,etc. Playing these games also causes danger to the society and to the people. So many people playing these games believe that what they do in the game can be done in real life. For example ,suicides ,killings ,etc. I did agree with Jane McGonigal when she had said that the gamers feel stronger ,more powerful ,and aslo can collaborate in solving problems when playing the game. Because when they win they feel like they have accomplished something but not in the real world. My point is the more they play the more they play the more they get addicted to playing. They need to stop living the virtual game world and start living and working on the moral world.


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