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Better Late than Never

I had something to add to the end of last Thursday's conversation in Taylor B that I did not get the opportunity to share because of Time's sometimes annoying tendancy to keep moving forward at a constant pace. (The class period ended.)

 Anyway, that's besides the point. We ended the class on a somewhat pessimistic note: if all of our emotions and beliefs and experiences can be explained by the crane method-- if nothing's sacred and no God/ soul actually plays a part in our "spiritual" experiences-- then what's the point of living?

 I bring you hope! I'll use the example a few of my peers shared: looking at your newborn baby for the first time, which apparently feels like being touched on the inside by something greater than the physical world. My advice is to avoid getting too caught up in where that feeling came from because you still felt it and it still made your life worth living. Nobody's arguing that incredibly moving experiences don't or shouldn't move you. Though it makes a lot of sense evolutionarily for a mother to immediately become emotionally invested in her child (she'll take care of him or her better), that doesn't make that feeling less valid.

At the end of the day, who really cares if the physical world or the spiritual world is responsible for the intense high moments that make life worth living? We still feel them, which is enough.


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