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The Healing Power of Fairy Tales

It was surprising for me when Bettelhiem point out fairy tale speak to children on many level, unlike other children stories, it actually speak to their unconscious level, and their inner self. I know I like to listen to stories when I was a child, especially fairy tale. I however was not found myself additive to them. In fact I’ve never separate fairy tales from other children stories. Though recognize them as the famous and old stories that have some truth within. That’s mainly because they are popular amount children’s books.

As an adult, I found myself more additive to it than when I was a child. I never investigate the why until now. It was a dark time in life for me, and then I started to collect a couple fairy tales collections. They were almost senseless to my rational mind, but I was thirst for them unconsciously, as if they satisfy my inner deepest need, part of me was feeding on it. It’s then surprise, but not so surprise, when I came across the mysterious power of fairy tales. I believe there is a healing power of fairy tales underneath the words as the story unfolded. Though it’s almost conflict one another, as powerful as the these fairy tale sounds, they are also full of disturbance and violence, also the story hinder children’s development and their view of the world that does not necessarily what we want to them view today.


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