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Multi-Subject Clearinghouses

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Educational clearinghouses with massive databases of resources provide access to different types of OERs covering multiple subjects and using multiple. This Blended Learning group is created to currate resources which we consider particularly useful for approaching specific problems, but there are thousands of other resources available. This post will direct instructors and students to two of the more comprehensive sites.

Resources covered:
OER Commons

OER Commons tracks down and currates resources which they consider to be the best OERs available. They currently have over 44,000 available. Their resources include labs and activities, video lectures, and readings. OER COmmons also features a section called "Teaching and Learning Strategies" which help instructors new to OERs how to find the right resources and implement them. In addition to some of the more complicated browsing structures, those looking for something in particular can search by subject areas, grade levels, and material types.

Open.Michigan is a University of Michigan initiative which allows users to find and download course materials, create and share one's own resources, ande browse UM's existing projects, which users can use and remix freely. The OERs are sorted, in part, by the University's schools and programs, which can make the database a little bit confusing for outsiders. Open.Michigan's goal is to maximize the impact of scholarly work by making it openly shareable. Some of their projects include OERca (Open Educational Resources Content Analysis tool), which gathers and reviews course material and OERbit, which is a Drupal-based publishing platform.