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group thinking!

Thanks for posting this, MSA! I was pleasantly surprised by how well our performance went in class. I noticed that many students thought they had the answers as to how to think as a group successfully, but it practice it was a lot more difficult. The suggestion to use the alphabet instead of numbers was a great one and it was so fun to see how the class nearly succeeded at that. 

I wish that we'd done this exercise at the beginning of the semester so we could come back to it at the end and see how our ability to read each other and think collectively had evolved, but as it was, I definitely saw the class trying to work and think as a group. Maybe practicing this kind of focus and trying to read each other would have helped with the "to raise or not to raise hands" dilemma we struggled with in our class discussions! 

This activity was a great culmination of the work we've done this semester. Thanks to the class for making it such a success! 


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