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Eliminating the binary

The progression of these two posts is really interesting to me, and I totally follow the logic considered by both of the posters. From what I gather, they’re acknowledging that while the division between disciplines often seems finite, so do the ways in which teachers work within their classroom depending on subject matter, content, size of class, and participation. But while we usually juxtapose seminars with lectures and humanities with the sciences (respectively), there is another predominant teaching style that is used entirely outside of the classroom and transcendent from the bounds of topic matter: homeschooling. Most parents who utilize this option believe that learning is often done by reading and discussing rather than dictating and copying, but that education is most effective with the right degree of guidance and authority. These parents often assert that, historically speaking, children were educated by their families, and then would work (e.g. in the fields) with their parents, learning the trade and taking part actively in the family. They state that we are losing sight of the importance of family unity, that time spent in school prohibits the strengthening of emotional bonds between parent and child, and that such an experience cannot be replaced or recovered later.


In eliminating the binary between seminar and lecture within the education system by introducing the concept of home schooling, we can more clearly consider the other options available to us and to our peers and future generations. While homeschooling has many cons and connotations, I would like to acknowledge that a one-on-one learning experience that incorporates all disciplines while ensuring a balance between lecture, reading, and discussion has some valid pros.







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