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I've been wondering the same thing

 It's interesting to think that we started with a "given" scientific theory and then slowly dismantled it as we moved from theory to theorizing to what would colloquially be called "fiction." What would have happened if we allowed the fiction to root our understanding of the course - if we took the fiction as theory and saw the science as an offshoot of possibility? 

As we've moved through this course, I've become increasingly aware of how well our education has conditioned us into accepting some stories as "the" stories. No one in our class refuted Darwin, yet the possibilities posed in Generosity met heated opposition (to say the least). But isn't Darwin the same as Generosity? Aren't they both stories used to explain something of life? Paul's been saying all semester that we accept and reject stories based upon how "good" they are, but if we evaluate the "goodness" of a story based on our educational and social conditioning, could we ever attest to the absolute "goodness" of a story?


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