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Climb lots of mountains

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The image I selected is from the Sound of Music – it’s that moment when Maria is bounding into a field, arms spread, singing, feeling completely free… right before she realizes that she’s super-late for something back at the convent and sprints off back down the hill (goddamn bell!)

 Forground/Background based on this image: I chose this picture because, for me, it represents emotional highs and lows based on location. In the background, there’s the unseen convent – a place related of worry, awareness of responsibilities, commitments, etc. But in the foreground, there is a sense of freedom, carelessness, and anticipation – perhaps Maria has been planning to go for this walk, looking forward to it, much like I look forward to my sources of freedom on campus. And of course, there is the challenge of the climb, which I think is a good symbol for life at Bryn Mawr. 

I’m trying to accentuate the positive right now, let that positivity foreground my vision of Bryn Mawr (and I think visiting my on-campus site, the area around Arnecliffe Art Studio, will be a space of freedom). But honestly, sometimes it feels like a convent, so many tight corners and obligations.

 On another note, I’ve been think a lot about location and emotion. For me, the two constantly coincide – emotional memory and place. And to represent one through language or maps, would have to, (I think) also invoke the other. 



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"women in walled communities"

This 360 is thinking about women in institutional settings--prisons, colleges, convents--this semester...there ARE links! maybe you'd like to join us when Sister Linda-Susan comes to speak....?!