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To summarize my reflection, our ESEM has taught me a lot about how to mature into a good writer so that I am more confident in my writing and more comfortable in doing so. It also taught me to not only to be actively aware of how education affects people, but the struggles that education currently faces. I feel that my classmates and I both believe this is the main purpose for our ESEM, and that for the most part, the class has been successful in pushing our thoughts and perceptions about education. Moreover, we use the class as a place to test our ideas which we then open for discussion. On the other hand, I also pointed out some things that could be added to the class, such as looking at education from a more global stand point, and trying to make the class more concrete by trying to come up with viable solutions to the problems we have discussed. By doing this I feel like the class would be even richer in content.


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Our Report Card and my suggestions

In my reflection, I suggested implementing a seat rotation policy instead of moving the tables. I also spoke of a fifteen minutes recap time especially to help draw the connections between the text and the umbrella issue of class. Of course, we all need to work on looking at our classmates, instead of our professor while expressing our ideas. I mentioned that some of the post about the high school showed signs of lingering biases which we need to keep working to root out. I suggested we sample the views of the Bryn Mawr community on some of the core issues of our discussion. I scored us high on our evolution as a class and our intelligent analyses of text. We even challenged the thesis of the proposed book “The Packing Problem”. You gals are awesome.