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Taking the long way

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 Okay guys, I hope no one hates me for this, but I would really love to go the route of the long novels (Moby Dick, The Scarlet Letter, and Uncle Tom's Cabin) that was proposed in class, spending roughly two weeks on each book (maybe a little bit more time for Moby Dick and a little less for The Scarlet Letter, just because of the respective lengths of each book).  I just think that we've spent enough time with blogs and the Internet.  This is the first English class I've taken that spent an extensive amount of time dealing with contemporary readings on the Internet, and although I have enjoyed that, I'm ready to go back to books.  As I said in class, I think it will be interesting for us to try to apply the knowledge we've gained from contemporary topics on the Internet to the topics in older novels and see how everything we've learned about genre thus far translates between two very different things.


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