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Paper 11

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My piece  is titled 'We All Live in a White Man's World' The color represents the different perceptions in the world. I could not find a canvas anywhere so I resorted to using paper. The white is suppose to represent the the upper class that shapes our society and controls what is 'proper' and what is not. I used a typewriter to create the words. The picture in the middle is the close up of the center of the piece. It reads 'see past the colored lens, look in their eyes' and I also put the single words a majority of us chosse in class, 'noise' and 'jail' because I thought they were not only great descriptions of class but of my piece connecting that the 'white man's world' is a jail and the perceptions are the noise. If I had a frame I would have framed it and hidden on the back is a clipped on 'Guide to Naming Your Class.' I spoofed on an old-aged article of who is who.


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Thanks for the feedback Anne!

I uploaded my piece through my webcam so thats why my pictures are a little out of focused. I can upload better ones as soon as I get my camera.

But for the 'noise' I think what I was trying to convey was how noise is a positive thing; something that is always there, it never dies. Noise makes me think of a revolution, or change. If someone wants to be heard, they make a lot of noise. A solution to break out of jail perhaps?

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Imaging the world....

Little Italy--
one of the real delights of this sequence of projects, for me, has been seeing how a number of you used visual dimensions to  create wider access and enlarge  your audience (see, for example, JHarmon's collages). Along those lines, I really wish your images were larger, so I could see them! (could you try re-loading, and setting the width of each individual image @ about 600?....I would like to read the words you've written....)

Your image is so evocative, and I'd also like to go on talking w/ you about what it evokes for me. For me, the strength of the image is the way in which the red 'breaks out' of the jail that is the white man's world; for me, our perceptions are not noise (as you say, something to be filtered out?) but rather that which can remake the world.

So: what would an image look like in which we are NOT all living in the white man's world? Could you imagine--and paint--such a world? I'd love to see it...