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The workshop

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I didn't post this until late because I chose to reflect on the workshop and its usage by putting the interview process in motion and seeing where I saw the insights I gained from the workshop in the interviews. A question that remained- as I culled it via interview- was "Why are people so quick to bring up examples of money as indicators of inequality?" A person can be money poor and yet be rich in love. I realize it is really corny to say this but cold piles of cash do not love you the same way a  mother or father or lover do. Why do people measure class in wealth when really the situation varies and some with less money may have more love then those who possess a lot of money. I found it to be riveting to listen to those who attended in the 80's talk about their experiences. It made me realize how valuable elderly people's stories are to society. Invent all the ipads and iphones you want, nothing replaces experience and the hands on joy of doing something for yourself. I loved moving around to places we felt comfortable, I'm a very kinesthic learner and that really connected me to the topic. As my friends know, I never stop moving and that I got to do that in a workshop was awesome!  I added an interview question- "Where do you feel most comfortable and why?" just for that activity and I loved the reasons why- they ranged from a simple "Its warm" to an intricate " I love the ambiance and vitality of it." I wrapped up my last interview 20 minutes ago and it was rather engaging to interview people and hear what they had to say.