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A Frosh Perspective

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Attached is a short story of a freshman going between two very different classroom environments- a large lecture and a 6 person course. Inspired by the educational autobiography at the beginning of the year, I realized that the most poignant experiences of mine thus far have been the varying classroom environments I have experienced.

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The ticking clock

I appreciate the personal quality of this essay, its concrete (and sometimes funny, sometimes edgy) account of the experience of a student, transitioning from one sort of learning to another; especially effective is the contrast of waiting for one class to end, and another to begin.

And then, of course! I'd love to hear the rest of the story. What happens when such a student is required to move from a large physical anthro class and a small typology class, into two more small classes --one in theater, one an ESem--that are both interactive and collaborative, where what's happening is not the game of comparing your product to that of the other students (or even to your own past work), but rather of making knowledge together, with each of you making a unique contribution? How much attention does the clock get then, and how much comparison is going on? In what contexts might such activities take a back seat to others?