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Class dimensions of academic writing

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The class dimensions of academic writing seem to be very limited to x number of pages. There is an introduction, a body, and a conclusion, and of course a works cited. There is always a thesis that needs to be supported or refuted. This type of academic writing seems to be the “norm” for many professors and teachers. I am not saying that this type of writing is bad, but it is monotonous. Personally I feel that I cannot truly express all my ideas, thoughts, and questions, in these types of papers because I am more worried about structure, length, and other writing conventions. For these types of papers I feel like I am writing them because I have to instead of having to writing AND wanting to write it. I wonder if this type of writing became the “standard” so teachers and professors can clearly see what point is trying to be made rather than having to figure it out for themselves and really reading what is trying to be said.

Other ways to express and communicate ideas would be through plays and skits, games, and other types of performances like poetry or music. Any form of expressing and communicating ideas is possible as long as the way of expression is exciting to the student. When the way of expression excites the student, they are more likely to engage in conversation and really speak about their ideas and thoughts. They can be sarcastic, serious, funny, and type of feeling they want their paper to be. By leaving the writing up to the students, we can create larger dimensions for writing. Personally this next “paper” is already one of my favorites because it is not “a weekly three-page paper with a works cited”. I can express myself how I want through any form I want. There are so many more paths created with “de-classified-writing” that explore new ideas and thoughts.


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I agree with you

Yes Thamid, I often feel stifled too.